What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to make positive lasting changes to your life. Old unwanted patterns of behavior such as smoking obesity addictions and phobias can be removed and new desired behavior patterns substituted over a very short space of time. It can be used to enhance the body’s natural healing powers and in pain control.

Many conditions can helped by the use of Hypnotherapy, furthermore Hypnotherapy can also enhance many issues in your life such as increased confidence levels, success & happiness, enhance sports ability, reduce stress and improve relaxation.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and relaxing therapy and self Hypnotherapy can be very helpful tool in dealing with life’s challenges.

Is hypnosis the same as sleep?

No, it is not sleep, but a very relaxed physical state which may look like sleep to an observer, but you will always remain mentally alert.

Can I come out of an hypnotic trance if I want to?

Hypnotherapy is about giving you control so if want to, you can come out of a trance by yourself at anytime.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

People are all different and some can relax more easily than others. Most people can at least enter a light trance, which is all that is required to benefit from hypnotherapy. However, if you don’t want to be hypnotised no hypnotherapist can make you enter a trance.

Why is hypnotherapy better than will power?

Will power and logic belong to the conscious part of your mind, however, habits, attitudes and learned behaviours reside in the unconscious mind.

If you have a negative behaviour or habit which is based in you unconscious mind and been there for many years, determination may not be enough to allow you to change. 

The Power of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is widely used for all psychosomatic disorders. (i.e. those mental and emotional states which actually produce physical symptoms) in a nutshell, hypnotherapy can generally help with any problem you're finding hard to handle on your own - thoughts and actions you'd like to banish or acquire, or emotional suffering that is too overwhelming or has gone on too long. Physical problems can also be treated effectively by hypnotherapy……..

By talking directly to the unconscious mind we can help you to make changes you desire…...

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As a guide our Fees range from £60 for a stop smoking session to a max of £150 for 3 sessions. Individual reinforcement tapes from £12. Individual quotations for individual problems.

We can help with…….

Alcoholism : Anger Management : Obsessive Compulsive Disorder : Arthritic Pain Control : Panic Attacks : Childbirth ('Hypnobirthing') : Confidence/Motivation/Self Esteem : Phobias (fear of flying, spiders, etc) : Psoriasis : Drug Addiction : Sexual Abuse : Eating Disorders : Sexual Problems : Eczema: Sports : Work Performance : Irritable Bowel Syndrome : Stammering : Ticks : Insomnia : Smoking Cessation: ME : Stress / Anxieties : Migraine : Weight Loss : Immune system boosting any many other common problems….

Research to find the most effective way to stop smoking was carried out by the University of Iowa combining the results from many separate studies. The meta analysis enables the real effectiveness of each technique to be picked out from Statistical noise that often blights studies involving smaller numbers of subjects.

The conclusion found was that for smokers the most effective technique was found to be hypnotherapy with a 80% success rate.

  • 80% single session Hypnosis
  • 29% Combination techniques
  • 25% Smoke aversion
  • 24% Acupuncture
  • 10% NRT nicotine Replacement Therapy

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