A less well known Complementary Therapy, but very effective. To start slimming or stop smoking, this can really help. Ear candling, another ancient complementary therapy is also available to help with EAR NOSE & THROAT problems

Auriculotherapy is another form of reflexology where certain points on the ear can be stimulated to relieve pain in a distant part of the body. The whole of the body is represented in each ear in the form of an upturned foetus. If you can imagine the head of the foetus is in the ear lobe and the spine in the curved part of the ear. Therefore various parts of the body can easily be identified and treated.

As these pressure points are quite tiny a special probe is used and sometimes with electric stimulation. This does not pierce the skin and is quite painless.

AURICULOTHERAPY is often used in combination with other therapies such as acupressure and it is effective in helping condition such as back problems, weight loss, and ADDICTIONS. On occassions an ear stud can be inserted for self help.